Life Stories

I remember when mr.s stayed with me after ms.davy and ms.butler performance was over. My mom was running late to get me. And mr.s stayed with me until I left. I will never forget that day. I will miss you so much. And thank you so much for staying with me until my mom picked me up.

I have several memories of Jason, but the most heartwarming to me was that he took an interest in my son, treating him with respect, talking about their mutual interest in music, and about life in a band amongst many things. Jason did much to boost my son's sense of self-worth by just taking an interest in him and finding moments to spend time with him during the school day to talk about life.
Jason was also sensitive and thoughtful. He approached me first to ask if he could share a music CD with my son. He asked my permission, checking to make sure I might not be offended by some of the lyrics. It really touched me he approached me first.
The most endearing memory I have was of Jason telling me at Harbour Graduation that Jake would have a special place in both his and Shannon's hearts because of a comment a young Jake made when they were dating. Jason told me Jake said "You guys should get married!" Well the rest was history, a true love story. We will miss Jason very much. He really valued the importance of friendship and was a genuinely kind person. Jason knew what was important in life and lived it.

There are a lot of good times and laughs I shared with Mr. Schwallenberg, ranging from talking about a cool band we heard recently, which guitar we wanted the most, and our experiences in our respective bands.

One memory that is clear in my mind is after flag football practice, we were all seeing how far we could jump. I was bragging about how far I could jump, even though I faced some steep competition. Of course, karma made me slip in the mud and fall right on my back. We all laughed so hard.

Mr. S always amazed me by how he could always stay on his feet.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Shannon and her daughters Isabella and Lilly, and their families. I'm glad I got the chance to meet this incredible man who had such good spirit inside of him.

May God be with you now
As you face this time of grief
May you know the comfort of the Lord
In your darkest hour of need
Know that Jesus cares for you
When your soul is deeply pained
No matter what you may go through,
His love for you remains.

When he was my woodshop teacher he taught me how to make a toolbox which I still use today for some of the tools that I have gotten since then. When I was having a bad day he would always say something to cheer me up like don't let anything hold you down and you can always accomplish what you put your mind too. I use to like to tease him and say "your short" or "leprechaun". He always would pull out what he called the beating stick and say "if you don't straighten up I am going to get you" while laughing. When he coached soccer we would always try to win for him because he taught us always to win and if you lose don't be a poor sport about it. Since I have transferred to another school I have always remembered what he taught me and use it in so many ways at my new school. I will always have those memories and will never forget him because of how he was like a father figure to me.