Condolence & Memory Journal

If I had to pick one word to describe George, it would be "strong" strong in body, strong in friendship, and strong in spirit. I recall a time in elementary school gym class when our whole class cheered George on, as he struggled to break the school record for pull-ups. The record was 12, and our teacher, Mr Blake called out "c'mon George, you can do it!" George grimaced and strained, and I can still visualize George's arms quivering as he harnessed his exceptional determination to get his chin over the bar that 13th time.

As a fellow member of George's Pike gymnastics team, I recall George working for weeks to become strong enough to perform the iron cross on the rings. His goal was to get a photo of him doing the skill put into the yearbook. At that time, George was not yet strong enough to hold it for very long, so the photographer went through multiple shots to get it just right. Later, of course, George went on to perform that trick with ease. He also struggled for weeks to perfect a back handspring, so that he could perform it on-stage in the school musical.

I did not see George after college, but have fond memories of a person who was a liked by all--loyal, sincere, dependable--a model for how to live one's life.

Posted by Mike Schell - Silver Spring, MD - school friend   June 24, 2013


Well my cousin your work is just beginning! Angels like you must be busy, busy, busy!

Posted by Michelle Mayo - Colorado Springs, CO - Cousin   December 08, 2012

It seems such a short time ago that I watched George excel in gymnastics or play in the marching band. While I didn't stay in touch over the years I recently reconnected with George and many other Pike classmates through Face book. My sympathy and condolences to the family, the memories and times shared will be cherished throughout our short time here.

David Poindexter
Pike High School, class of 1980.

Posted by David Poindexter - Indianapolis, IN - Classmate   December 08, 2012

Any ways George drove for us a few times, and dad stayed in touch with him somewhat. He is one kind man. Sorry for your loss Crista and kids. Lord knows he is in a much better place. So very Sorry for the young kids, I have a 14 year old Daughter also. Many others but, but I know that mine would be devastated if this were on her now. So tell George we said hey, and we wanted to go, but I just got off work, my Dad wanted to go so bad, but with mom in the nursing home and all, it was a long haul and all, it just didn't work out.
Crista and kids , God bless you all and take care dear.
Jeff Sweat
P.S. George drove Gas City and Paragon for us.

Posted by Jim, Greg,Jeff Sweat - Fowlerton, IN - Friend   December 07, 2012

Moving equipment no matter how bad you felt each day; lights had to be set just so; always a professional. Your goal was to last until the kids were out of HS.

Posted by Charles Hodge - Indianapolis - Friend   December 07, 2012


Thoughts and prayers to help comfort in this time of sadness.

Posted by Coach Miller - Brownsburg, IN - Emma's Golf Coach   December 07, 2012

George was the bravest person I have ever met. RIP, George. I miss you!

Posted by Kristin Hinshaw - Indianapolis, IN - Friend   December 07, 2012

George was a friend of mine and in the same class at Pike High School. He had tremendous energy and was always quick to smile and be friendly with everyone. Although we didn't stay in contact beyond high school, I was not surprised to read the obituary and learn of his many talents. I was able to see him again in 2010 at our high school reunion and we shared a brief conversation that touched me deeply. He was a man of great integrity, love and commitment to family. May God be with each of you as you mourn the loss of a truly good man. I believe he is now free and wrapped in love of a magnitude that we cannot imagine.

Posted by Karen Kurzawa - Portland, OR - friend from Pike High School   December 06, 2012

George was a great man and always smiling no matter what! We will miss him!

Posted by Dan & Dru Laycock - Speedway, IN - Friends   December 06, 2012

It was an honor for us to care for George and his family. We were all in awe of his strength of body and spirit. Blessings to Crista, the kids, and his family and friends. Much love from the staff of St. Vincent Hospice

Posted by Erin Butler - IN   December 06, 2012

So glad that I got to reconnect with George thru Facebook over the past couple of years. You were one of my best friends growing up...from Kindergarten through College...then life took over. Fun times included going to Traders Point Christian Church together, Band, Kings Island, and making your theatre outfits in High School. So glad that those who live in the Lord never see each other for the last time. Can't wait to see you in Heaven, Georgie.

Posted by Mave (Robinson) Hiegel - Flower Mound, TX - Friend   December 06, 2012

My prayers go out to the Wilkins family!

Posted by Steve Wood - Indianapolis, IN - Friend   December 06, 2012

So many good memories with you while racing around the country with AAMS, Ed & Jane Adair and your dad to remember all of them. Buddy your just way to young be taken away from us and will dearly missed. Now that your at the pearly gates when you get in check in with Ed, Jane and Len Smith and let's get ready to race some more.

Posted by Billy Shipman - Terre Haute, IN - racing partner   December 06, 2012


George you will be missed! I have some special memories of some gymnastic events, westchester pool days, and lots of school memories! May GOD bless your family while you are apart from one another. You were one of the nicest guys I have ever met! Sincerely, Ellen

Posted by Ellen Hurd - Greenwood, IN - Friend   December 06, 2012


I was so glad to be able to see George in Hospice a few weeks ago. It meant so much to me and I am so glad I did it. He immediately asked me why I was there, was I visiting one of my family members. "No, George, I'm coming to see you!" He apologized for not being able to attend my sister's memorial service as he had wanted to, 2 years ago...just like "Georgie" as we called him, his dad was "George". He has always been so caring and concerned of others, just like his parents. Thanks, George, loved your mom and dad, and love you, Crista and the kids. Know now you are Perfect and at Peace.

Posted by Emily Hillis - Indiaapolis, IN - childhood friend   December 05, 2012

I had the pleasure of being in several productions with George during high school with the PIke HIgh School Theatrical Company. I have to say, many memories came flooding back when my own son played a role that George played in KIss Me Kate. George stole the show as one of the gangsters.
I am so grateful I was able to see him and visit at the 30th reunion in 2010.
My heart goes out to his wife and children. May their love for him keep them strong. Thoughts & prayers to them & his family.

Posted by Susan Razmic - Kennesaw, GA - Class of 1980 Pike HIgh School   December 05, 2012

It is with regret that we didn't share in George's life. We will be praying for the family during this time. The family of Freda Wilkins Clearwater

Posted by Dorothy Clearwater - Avon, IN - Cousins   December 05, 2012


George is present in so many happy memories of my youth. I'll always remember his infectious energy, enthusiasm and friendliness. My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends.

Posted by Candice Smith Yeakle - Columbia City, IN   December 05, 2012

I will always remember George as the racer that made my husband's Christmas 2 years ago very special. There was a photo of George in a midget sprint car in one of my husband's racing magazines. My husband Terry was in awe of the photograph. So after I did some web searching and emailing I was led to George himself. George was so gracious that he sent my husband 4 original photographs of himself in his race cars along with t-shirts. My husband was ecstatic. So ever since then we have felt a connection to George. Even though we never met in person, we felt like he had.

Rest in Peace George!

Terry and Kathy Merchant

Posted by Kathy Merchant - Cape Vincent, NY - Racing friend via email/facebook   December 05, 2012

You're smiling face and warm personality will be missed by all. You lived your life to the fullest with no regrets. Bless Crista Emma and Eddie.

Posted by Doug and Karen Schooler    December 05, 2012


I went to school with George at Pike and we reconnected several years ago thanks to the Internet. A shining example of how to be a friend, a father, a family man, and a fighter, his kindness will continue to light up the lives of those who knew him. George left a legacy of strength and courage, of attitude in the face of unwanted circumstances, and it is this, his wonderful spirit, that never leaves us. May these immeasurable gifts be especially comforting and encouraging to Crista, Emma, and Eddie, and may they know that their husband and dad left us all the most precious gift in how he lived and treated others, and how special he has been, and will always be, to so many people.

Posted by Linda (Ford) Street-Ely - Liberty, TX - Friend   December 05, 2012


Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. Daniel especially is thinking of Eddie.

Posted by Guernsey family - Brownsburg, IN   December 05, 2012


From the moment I met George I was touched by his kindness and constant smile; his genuine spirit. He taught all of us a lesson in how to handle anything that life throws at you. My heart is with his family and friends--I hope that the many warm memories created over the years carry you through. George will still be smiling upon you, and be with you forever in spirit.

Posted by Karen Pittenger - Chicago, IL - Friend   December 04, 2012


I only met or spoke with George a few times, but he was unfailingly polite and pleasant. My son Travis was interested in audio-visual work, and George took the time to speak with Travis and give him some pointers in that field. I will never forget his kindness and care.

Ruth Yost

Posted by Ruth Yost - Winchester, IN - friend of family   December 04, 2012