Life Stories

What would my favorite memory of my grandfather be? Well I was about 9-10 years old and got to go out on a father/daughter date with my dad, Koko. This time though instead of dad taking me out to eat something or watch a movie together we drove to grandpa's house because grandpa said he was going to have a garage sale and wanted to let dad have first look before the crowds arrived the next day. I remember getting to his house and I was already excited because Grandpa and Annie always had the best treats in their house and grandpa tells me: I am going to talk to your dad for a little bit but go in the garage and see if there is anything you want in there. I go in and start looking through what I assumed he wanted me to look through when I hear the faint sound of a puppy crying. My little girl ears went like a bat searching for its prey and I hunted down that little cry to discover the smallest, most cutest black and white little puppy in the corner of the garage and when I pick him up and turn around there is my dad and grandpa smiling at me. I right away said: "THIS IS WHAT I WANT!!!" Grandpa laughed and said he is yours then. Oh I loved that puppy so much and I was so happy that day. I will never forget it and you grandpa! You gave me my very first best friend in life.