John James, founder of The Grief Recovery Institute

John W. James

Founder of The Grief Recovery Institute®
Co-Author of The Grief Recovery
Handbook & When Children Grieve

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Russell Friedman, Executive Director of The Grief Recovery Institute

Russell Friedman

Executive Director
Co-Author of The Grief Recovery
Handbook & When Children Grieve

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The problem with talking about how bad you feel is that it makes you good at feeling bad (Published 11-1-11)


I have been living with metastatic breast cancer for the past 4 1/2 and I feel like I have lost friends and those I have are not very supportive. I am not sure if it is me or that they don't know what to say to me. Is this normal? What might I do to help with this lack of support. I feel lonely and forgotten.

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If you or someone important to you wants help with grief: Look for a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist℠ in your community. The Grief Recovery Institute ® trains and mentors Certified Grief Recovery Specialists℠ throughout the United States & Canada.

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