Crystal Michelle Wittersheim

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Mom I miss you with all my hart if I were to see you I wood ask you a lot but I miss you so much really I cry ever time I see a photo of you I love you so much

Posted by: Daphney Wittersheim - Warren, MI - Daughter   Oct 26, 2016

Crystal, sweet.beautiful Crystal. I miss you so much. I know youre in a bettter place now but sometimes i wish things werent the way they were...wish i wouldve had the chance To meet you before it was too late...met your kids at the funeral. They were Just as amazing as you Told me :) Love you and miss you

Posted by: Elizabeth - clinton twp, MI - Friend   May 22, 2013

i still miss her and love her so much :(

Posted by: Hannah Rose - daughter   May 18, 2013

Posted by: joankraus - warren,mich., MI - mom I law   May 01, 2013

It has been almost a month since you passed away and i am missing you more and more each day. I stare at your picture all day long and read these polite and very nice messages people have been leaving for you. It just goes to show how many hearts you have touched. I keep remembering about all the memories when we were little and growing up together. The time i ran the station wagon almost into the river and

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Posted by: Michael Tuominen - Virginia Beach, VA - Brother   Feb 05, 2013

I'm no good at these types of things, or good byes. I Miss you Sunshine I know your no longer in pain and your partying with nanna, Grandpa Boo,grandpa Buzz. And hitting them rock concerts with Uncle Nicky :) I'm so happy we spent so much time togher most of my memories have you in them from our pb and J fight when i was about daffneys age to Hannah Rose suppose to be named not my birthday to baysitting

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Posted by: Nicole LaFleur - Southgate, MI - Cousin-god daughter   Jan 21, 2013

Two years ago I was claimed on a website to be someone's 'bestie' and from that day that woman grew to be a major part of my life. My life is richer for knowing her. We shared so many highs and lows and I will miss her greatly. Crystal was such a proud mother I was blessed to have her share some stories with me which always had me laughing. Condolences to all who have been affected by the passing

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Posted by: Thomas J - England - Friend   Jan 15, 2013

I only knew Crystal from hanging with her online, especially back in the "MySpace days". She gave me many laughs and brightened many days. "Secret Agent Man" will forever be "Secret Asian Man" thanks to her LOL. I know she meant a lot to many people and will be missed more than words could ever say. My heart goes out to her husband, children, family and many friends.

Posted by: George Stephens - Greenville, NC   Jan 15, 2013

Didn't know her that well except through online gaming. I thought she was a very funny person and that's why i sent here a friend request on cellufun. I'm very shocked to hear of her passing and she will be deeply missed by friends as well as family. I feel deeply for her close survivors. God bless them and God bless her AKA "beevomit" LoL

Posted by: brad schneider - Warsaw, VA - online gaming friend   Jan 15, 2013

She was so sweet. I was so sick on my 37th bday n she sent me a birthday box. n online she called me her punkin seed. I will miss her badly.

Posted by: april adams - fulton, MO - bff   Jan 14, 2013