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Sincere and Heartfelt condolences to Family and Friends of Timothy Edward Johnson. His genuine Love and Care for the most vulnerable speaks greatly about his character and most of all heart. The world lost a most significant individual who made a tremendous difference in this world. Fly high, Timothy Edward Johnson, Fly High!

Posted by: Linda Ann Reynolds, Ed.S.    Dec 16, 2016

I wanted to send you all a note to say how sorry I am that your wonderful family member was taken to the angels too soon. Anyone who would go out of their way to fly an animal somewhere to save them is certainly looking at us from heaven right now. Best wishes to you.

Posted by: Wendy Black - San Antonio, TX - Pilots n Paws supporter   Jan 09, 2014

I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Tim. I am a pilot and I have decided to volunteer with PNP. I only hope I can contribute as much as Tim did to the beautiful cause of saving all theses loving animals.

Posted by: Bob - Barrington, NH   Jul 19, 2013

I can't even begin to comprehend the depth of grief young Tims' beautiful wife, family and friends are experiencing. from such an unimaginable loss....
I can only hope my young sons will grow up with the same kind and generous spirit Tim had...He didn't just rescue animals....He *rescued* people as well...
My family offers our deepest condolences...

Posted by: Debbie Domantay - Cincinnati, OH   Apr 27, 2013

I just found PNP book at Barnes and Noble 2 days ago and was so happy to feel the love healing these animals.
One who did this work I did not know,
Blessings upon this Soul.

Posted by: Mary Wier - Chattanooga, TN - Friend of PNP   Apr 08, 2013

All the pilots who put their lives on the line to help with animal and human rescues are of a very special breed. So many of us would not have been able to adopt, get medical treatment, or save the life of a loved one if it weren't for these extraordinary pilots. Timothy's family was lucky to have him. We have all lost a hero.

Posted by: Nancy Noyes - ME   Apr 02, 2013

I am so very sorry for your loss of this kind and generous young man. I look forward to meeting him when I arrive in Animal Heaven.

Posted by: Paige Garberding - Seattle, WA   Mar 20, 2013

I just want to express my deepest sorrow and condolences for your loss. Every PNP pilot has that "somthing special" about them that most people don't have. So even though I didn't know him or know you, I just want you to know that there are others out here in the world sending peace, love, comfort, and support your way.

Posted by: Sharma Adams - Tampa, FL - Wife of a PNP pilot   Mar 12, 2013

My husband, David, was also a volunteer pilot for Pilots N Paws. He died in a plane crash (also unrelated to a rescue mission) November 18,2012. I just want to let you know how very sorry I am for your loss. Every person, every family's experiences are different in ways; but grief itself is universal. I choose to celebrate my husband's life and to remain positive for the most part. But I know, all too well, the gut-wrenching feeling of

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Posted by: Vickie Wentz - NC   Mar 07, 2013

I had the privilege of being Tim's flight instructor from his private to commercial certification. A real consciousness yet fun person to fly with. Tim was my first success story as a CFI, taking him from the ranks of a student to a proficient commercial pilot. RIP

Posted by: Joel Anderson - VA   Feb 20, 2013