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Coming up on 4 years passed.. always loved,never forgotten. Each time I go home, I visit you.

Posted by: Michele - former wife   Dec 02, 2012

I am so sorry to the family of Dale's. Brenda, Deborah, Andrea, and Henry. I graduated with Dale and Brenda at SWA. I had an opportunity to talk with him briefly at the Arlington Stewats a couple of years ago, as always we haven't changed that much since high school. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time and hopefully I will see you all at the memorial service. God Bless you.

Posted by: Rodney Moore    Dec 16, 2008

Dale,Although I didnt know you that long,I'm sorry that you wont be around at work anymore. You were a nice guy,always willing to help out in any way that you could. You will be missed by myself and many others.

Posted by: Kim    Dec 16, 2008

i am so sorry . Dale was an awesome worker i worked with him at plasan in bennington and the national hanger. Dale had a great sense of humor.He always smiled no matter if he was sick or not. He will be well missed love ya dale.

Posted by: Angela Starr    Dec 16, 2008

I am so sorry for your loss. Even though I am not in Rupert anymore it still hits home when I hear of someone passing from our tight knit little town. I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You All, RIP Dale.

Posted by: Lindy Saunders Decker    Dec 18, 2008

this still doesn't seem real. i have known Dale and the entire family since i was very young. Dale and i married in 1982. Although our marriage ended many years ago, this is still hard. My deepest sympathies to Brenda, Henry, Deborah and Andrea.I will keep with me the memories of the good times. I loved you Dale. You will always have a place in my heart.

Posted by: Michele    Dec 19, 2008

Dale was a good person, and I have lots of fond memories of him. He will be missed and deepest sympathys to his family.

Posted by: Debi Mentiply    Dec 19, 2008

My heart is broken by the loss of Dale. He was a wonderful friend who I spent thousands of hours with on line.(over the course of seven years) I live in Glens Falls NY, and had the pleasure of seeing him face to face when he visited me in my home.
When you play these games on the internet that Dale enjoyed so much, you get to learn alot about a person's character as you hear them face dissapointment, handle

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Posted by: Kevin Murphy aka MurfMan=VIII=    Dec 19, 2008

He was a good man... we were in the same gaming clan and I spent many a nights fraggin with him on the computer. Unfortunately I never met him personally but will remember him always.

Posted by: Dennis Fosdal    Dec 19, 2008

My sympathies to all Dale's family and friends. I've known him since July 2003.It's hard to believe he is gone so young and I'll never have the opportunity to meet him in person or speak with him again. Although I'm sad for myself, because I will also miss him greatly, I pray he now has the peace and comfort that has eluded him for many years. I will always remember him as the guy who had great patience in helping

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Posted by: Patrick Stua    Dec 19, 2008