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Billy D. Lamarche Obituary

Hi Billy, Its a quiet raining Sunday afternoon, thinking about you. Making a turkey for supper and then I remembered that Thanksgiving when you and Kim and Chris were all together at our house in Derry. It seems so long ago but now you three are all in Heaven together. How I wish i could turn back the clock to that day, when we had a great day eating and laughing. But all we have are memories. I miss you so much Bills. Someday we will all sit together for a meal and laugh again. Love always MOM

Posted by: Karen Lamarche - Weare, NH - mother   Mar 30, 2014

Billy, its been three years since I saw you and was able to hug you. Miss you so much, the tears still fall each day and they always will till I see you again. You are so greatly missed by your family. Each of us deal with it differently. But your not being here has effect all deeply. So many memories of you and your brothers. How once we were a family. We had our faults but we did have love. Love you so much. Remember to save a place for me. MOM

Posted by: Karen Lamarche - werae, NH - Mother   Mar 09, 2014

Hey billy it's march 8th 2014 at 11:18 and I am missing you like crazy! I wish you could be here to be with me through these good times. I'm graduating high school in 3 months and going off to college. I finally made it billy! You and Kim and obvioulsy meme and pepe were the only ones who had faith in me and believed I could change the path I chose. I appreciate everything you taught me before you

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Posted by: Ashley - Milford , NH - 1st niece    Mar 08, 2014


Posted by: ryan - lowell, MA - brother   Feb 13, 2014

Hello Bill,
It's been a few months since I last spoke to you. Christmas came and left, New Years came and left, tomorrow the 21st is Bella's Birthday then the 23rd is your Brothers Birthday. I know you have all that information. I understand that your Mother is engaged and just received her engagement ring yesterday which was 1-19-2014. That's great, she found happiness threw all the turmoil. Wish her the best. Ashley will be graduating from high school

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Posted by: Frank Lamarche - Father   Jan 20, 2014

Hello Billy,
Happy Thanksgiving, I know , your not here but you are here to me in spirit. This is our families 3rd holiday season and the 2nd year that you have left us prematurely. You are terribly missed by your parents, your brothers and your nieces and nephews. There is no way around that. For me, I live with your memories day and night, I am sure we all are not just me. Life will never be the same,

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Posted by: Frank - NH - Father   Nov 28, 2013

Billy, miss you so much. I talk to you each day, I know you hear me and are helping me get thur each day. Life is better in some areas but it always come back to losing you. The lose is so great. Christmas is coming and everyone remember yours gift with the newpaper and electrical tape. LOL. You put a smile on everyone face doing that. How I wish I could get a gift wrap like that again. But

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Posted by: Karen Lamarche - Weare, NH - Mother   Nov 17, 2013

hi uncle billy, i am sitting in class right now having thoughts about you... i miss you so much and not a day goes by when i do not think of you. i am now a senior in high school first one lol. i know that you are looking over me everyday! i wish you didn't have to leave us so soon and you could be there cheering me on, on my graduation day. even though your not here physically

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Posted by: ashley lamarche - mont vernon, NH - neice   Oct 04, 2013

I am sorry to hear of your loss I also lost my brother mark ives on October 7, 2012

Posted by: jennifer ives - miami, FL - nephew's mother   Sep 24, 2013

Hi Billy,
It's been a few months since I last spoke to you. It was the first day of fall today. Leaves are turning and football is started, even though you don't care for sports. I think of you daily and reflect on our past , when you were born, walking, riding your bike, cub scouts and the birthday parties we had. I wish I could have a do over, but I can't. I was young and that is no

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Posted by: Frank Lamarche - Father   Sep 23, 2013